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New Construction

New construction can be scary. Sometimes it's hard to visualize the final result and it can be worrisome to find a contractor that will stand by you and make you feel comfortable about taking the big plunge. JR Maintenance & Restoration is that type of contractor, you can trust our crew to not only call you back, but to show up when we say we will and make your new construction project as hassle free as we possibly can. JR Maintenance & Restoration handles all types of new construction:

  • Additions

  • Decks

  • Fencing

  • Garages

  • New Homes

  • Pole Barns

  • Shingle & Metal Roofs

  • Siding & Windows

With All New Construction JR Maintenance will:

  1. Arrange delievery of new materials

  2. Remove existing materials including one layer of shingles

  3. Install new materials

  4. Follow any codes or regulations that apply

  5. Test any moving parts, such as windows to make sure they open, close and lock

  6. Clean up at the end of the day if job is not complete

  7. Clean up at the end of the job, as it looked before starting the work

Build From Scratch

Build your dream house from scratch! Start with property and some plans and JR Maintenance & Restoration will transform it into a home you will love. If you need something other than a home, JR can take care of that too. Build a new garage, pole barn, animal barn, deck or office building, it doesn't matter what the new structure is, JR Maintenance & Restoration will make sure it is built right and built to last.

Grow Bigger

New construction doesn't have to be a whole new building. Sometimes you just need a new room added on to your home, office or garage. Growing families don't mean you have to move. Make your home fit your family by adding space onto the house you already have. Is your business expanding faster than you ever thought? Let JR Maintenance put in more office space to help you keep growing comfortably. Don't worry about the details, JR Maintenance & Restoration can handle the whole job, including subcontractors for plumbing, electrical, data wiring, roofing and more!

Communication Is Key

Keeping clients in the loop, working directly with architects, and making sure everyone is happy is what JR Maintenance excels at. Decisions are made clear and nothing is done without approval. We want you to be completely satisfied with your new construction.

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