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Odd Jobs

Every homeowner is in need of a 'handyman' at some point in their lives. There are always little jobs that come up, or not so little jobs that are just too big for the average home owner to tackle alone. For those jobs who do you call? You can try and ask your cousin who once worked construction if he can give you a hand, or you can answer an ad on a bulletin board for a guy with tools to come help. Most homeowners don't call a contractor for these jobs thinking that they will be too expensive, or that they won't take smaller jobs. In the case of JR Maintenance & Restoration they couldn't be more wrong! JR will take any job you need done. We do appliance installation, window & door replacement, repair & restoration work, electrical and plumbing work, even cottage maintenance and winterizing!

Handyman Contractor

No job is too small for JR Maintenance & Restoration. Give them a call and ask them about the work you need done. You'll be surprised by how easy it is to get a call back and a quote on a job! You don't want to risk having a job done wrong or having part of the job not be up to code. Call JR and make sure it is done right. Their rates are reasonable and it is well worth getting a job done right!

Appliance Installation

JR Maintenance & Restoration does appliance installation for some of the major appliance stores in the area. Many times appliance retailers won't install certain appliances or it takes more than the average installer to have features work properly- refrigerators with ice makers or cook tops that go in a counter for example. Call JR and have us handle it right from the start. We can install any of these appliances:

  • Dishwashers

  • Garbage Disposals

  • Ice Makers

  • Sinks & Faucets

  • Stoves & Cooktops

  • Toilets

Maintenance & Winterizing

This is Michigan. It gets cold in the winter (and sometimes in the spring and fall too!). A lot of people leave the State for the winter, or have vacation property that isn't used in the colder months. Leaving these properties through the cold snaps and varying weather that Michigan can bring is risky if you don't winterize them properly. JR Maintenance & Restoration can shut down your home in the fall and re-open it in the spring to save you costly burst pipes, animal destruction, roof damage & window and door problems that can arise from not winterizing properly. If there is damage from the winter beyond what winterizing can protect against, JR Maintenance & Restoration can help you get your property ready for rental or vacationing without you having the headache of dealing with who to call or how to get the work done in a timely manner.

Getting the Job Done

JR Maintenance & Restorations takes pride in getting the job done right. We take all precautionary measures to make sure the job is done exactly how you want it. You know what you want, and that is exactly what we are committed to do. Our crew takes pride in what we do:

  • We have exceptional customer service skills

  • We focus on good communication with the customer

  • We provide free bids 

  • We come out, look at and discuss the job you want done

  • We handle all orders and materials

  • We take care of garbage removal

  • We do our best work

  • We make sure the job is done right

  • We work with a customer to take address any problems

  • We cover or move any outside ornaments, bushes or flowers

  • We clean up each day before crew goes home

  • We clean up at the end of the job

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